Busy life

Sure we have  to take care of our basics needs , we need food ,shelter for living and this  should be  available to everyone  as basic for life, but we also occupy our existence with so many activity both physically and psychologic, so in our daily life  we get so busy to worry about at all is going on outwardly and we miss the opportunity to look inwardly, to know ourselves.

We are broth up since the begging of our existence from externals imputes, family ,society, nowadays specially with technology, and all influence, that become part of our daily routine, this conditioning is then reflected in what we do, in a continues cycle that reproducers the some human condition, greed, sorrow, fear, heat ,war, jealousy and so on and so on..


This are facts that we can see around us, and we would like to end it all, taring to be the opposite of it, forcing ourselves with method, discipline, programs, to overcome what actually is, but this is actually the same process that created this cycle we live , can we then, break this  circle ?


A human being that is so conditionate and busy, can have a look to the inside of his mind, and how?

If this mind has in it  all of the conditioning, conscious and unconscious, how can he breaks that viscus circle.

Attention need to take place inwardly, a serous look to how the mind works to see what is the all process of it, so the believes the routine the aspects of society, need to be questioned ,and look at them completely, to understand the movement that create it, to see that are products of the mind , the same mind that wants out of it.

That look will bring fear, fear of losing our believes, that the were never ours at the beginning, losing our habits, loosing ourselves, and the dissolution of boundary that will come out of this look, scare our mind that as not now where to grip, and  so we keep repeat all over the same process. Cycle beginning again.


We invite you to get time to get that look to se for yourself ,not by somebody else way or method or words, but your own.

It may be the beginning of freedom, not guarantee on that , because in that state of mined, in that completely look the becoming, the pursue ,the pleasure of achievement and then the reword that come out of it, has not place……     maybe something new fresh alive will be there .