Hello world!

Hello world , a beautiful world we are so bless to witness , the beauty of nature in her complexity and yet so simply flowering effortless  all around us.


The sea ,the mountain,  tree forest the animals, the life it self , all so vast different and unique in each single  aspect, and then  us… so peculiar so different in our forms, so complex  a creature that has evolved in millions of years with this world ,a creature that can recognize itself, full of emotions and that  can experience love   and has the gift of a inexplicable value , the mind.

Is capable of invention , build ,creation, both in a physicals way  and psychological. We put ourselves in charge of the whole world , we create a complex living ,socially, economically, we set believes.


Is not in  doubt that we have the  control in our hands ,but is how we use it an aspect that we yet need to mastered, this complex mind can trick us easily, can bring  confusion, destruction, division and then conflict.

Guramylife as not any answer or teaching, but  has a passion about this human consciousness  we believe is our consciousness and so yours , we in our post can be contradictory, because we are learning, and we tray to get involved with many aspect our being, bring to you news, article, people that couch our interest, and grow together.