We live in a world of complex technology , as specie we got the ability to manipulate matter and build tools that help ourselves creating extraordinary achievements, through understanding of what is around us we grow in many directions, for some societies more than in others.

Knowledge, understanding and intelligence are a fundamental part of our existence but they branch out in various forms, that if not understood and liberated are limited.
We can’t have a complete knowledge !!

Insight seems something out of this limitations it come clear and not out of knowledge, that happen when our minds is completely free from thought.

Without yet getting deep into it, with the structure of the ego and unconscious mined, of which we like to explore in the future, we keep our self for now, focus of the understanding of that event and the activities taken from that epiphany.

How and why many people can respond to that in different ways in whom it grows and become then a  physical or conceptual reality of our society.
Visionary people that had and still have an impact in our lives that are shaping  the way we see things and put the basis blocks of our society .

We are try now to have  a glitch into it, with a clear not judgmental mind, overlooking for now the result (positive or negative) of this ideas.

Starting whit the scientific approach that is try to explain how this insight occur , many study have been done to tray to understand the process in our mind that lead to the eureka moment .

From study animals responding to tusk,  to understanding which part of the brain is activate in the moment of the insight, but even if we have a better understanding of this movement, most of the process remains unknow, which can lead to speculations .

Still most of ours scientific discoveries, artistic,  philosophic and creative achievements in many  fields, are borne out of this intuitive state ,in spirituality Buddhist mindfulness meditation vipassana, shows in research that the practice dose facilitate in a time of 20 minutes the solving of problems .


We  can  not understand the process yet but we can very appreciate and love the fact that insight occur in us naturally and we all have, in some level, a powerful gift that live itself has to reach new understanding, in many if not all aspect of our existence.